Man Games Lost. This is a statistic in sport that is often specifically termed or referenced as an account of the number of actual competitions an individual, or collectively a team, has missed due to injury. Injuries happen. It’s the nature of sport and life. BUT, not all injuries have to happen. And some can be avoided altogether. Additionally, not all injuries have to be as severe if they were to happen.

Our sport specific programming is designed foremost to address the nuances and uniqueness of the athlete and secondly the demands and propensities for injury that are common to the given sport. Athletes predisposition to injury when placed in similar circumstances may be swayed in the positive based upon the comprehensive strength and conditioning program.

The return-to-play time frame is a commonly discussed concern and is subject to measurement. Our program is intuitively designed to support athletes who do suffer from injury to have the foundations to recover faster. The athlete is progressed systematically from the occurrence of the injury back to full participation without compensations. We know the specifics of injury predisposition and injury mechanisms that are potentially apparent in sport contact or non-contact.

At Goodman Elite Training, we know how to PREPARE and also how to REPAIR. Our return-to-play program is designed and customized to bring the athlete back to their optimal level after sustaining an injury. Our program takes into full consideration the physiological parameters surmounting the injury and also referred compensatory behaviors that could arise due to the injury. An athlete that has unresolved compensations may be have been able to return back to high levels of play, but invariably predispose themselves to suffer another injury. We conduct a thorough comprehensive evaluation and customized program is manifested to both address the specifics of the injured site itself and compensatory behaviors.

It is more than simply rehabilitation. It’s performance rehabilitation. Our goal is to enable to athlete to successfully return to sport without compromising, both at the site of the injury as well as devoid of any cascade paradigms of potential harm that are due to the injury. The program addresses the metabolic needs of the athlete based upon the sport of participation. We train the athlete as an athlete. Not as an “injured” athlete. Injury does not solely define the athlete nor their plan. We believe in providing any individual with an appropriate transition from where they are at this moment - to where they want to be.